About Blended Learning Course

Blended Learning Solution is a learning and training package that incorporates a variety of delivery styles and accommodates different individual and organizational needs to achieve the most effective knowledge and technology transfer. It involves a combination of online dialogues and face-to-face interactions providing continuity and complementation on both avenues and at the same time maximizing the interaction and learning of the participants as they go through the program. It allows asynchronous and synchronous online learning interaction via SEAMEO INNOTECH iFLEX Learning Management System iFLEX (SEAMEO INNOTECH’s Learning Management System (


This learning model further enhances the learning from the conventional face-to-face training program, a strategy in itself that would introduce and promote the use of technology in the teaching-learning process among educators in the region.





More effective educational leadership and competence are needed to improve educational quality and performance!


We invest in designing and delivering innovative and practitioner-oriented blended learning programs that will enhance the capacities of educational leaders to initiate educational reforms and enable these reforms to make a real difference for the schools and bring out the best among the students.