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What is ICeXCELS?

ICeXCELS (Instructional and Curricular Excellence in School Leadership for Southeast Asia) is a short course package of SEAMEO INNOTECH for elementary and secondary school administrators on developing instructional and curriculum development leadership. It addresses the need to develop and strengthen the school head's role as an instructional leader in promoting or improving the quality of teaching or learning in his/her school.

The course was based on the Competency Framework for Southeast Asian School Heads which SEAMEO INNOTECH developed and validated with the Ministries of Education from the ten SEAMEO member states. The Competency Framework for Southeast Asian School Heads consists of general competency areas and enabling sub-competencies that describe what school heads are expected to do and improve on to make them more successful in performing their work.

iFLEX is home for LEARNTECH eXCELS, SEAMEO INNOTECH's first competency-based, multi-modal educational leadership flexible learning courseware for education leaders such as emerging elementary and secondary school principals, new or experienced headmasters of public or private schools in Southeast Asia. eXCELS or Excellence in School Leadership for Southeast Asia is a menu of flexible learning courses on instructional leadership.

How will the course be delivered?

Instruction under the course is primarily delivered through print self-instructional modules augmented by the use of interactive tools such as chat, discussion forums, and email, among other learner support systems. To facilitate the use of chat, discussion forums and other communication features, learners should have a valid email address.


The learning modules were instructionally designed to be interactive and to incorporate the four As of adult learning (Activity, Analysis, Abstraction and Application). Each module also has the following components:

  • pre-organizers and advance;
  • module pre-tests;
  • module post-tests;
  • pre/post self-rating competency checklists;
  • interactive learning methodologies such as activities, insight forming questions, lecturettes and readings, discussion topics, summaries and links to other resources;
  • lesson review tests;
  • practical exercises and feedback on the tests;
  • a module assignment;
  • glossary of terms; and
  • list of references and suggested additional readings and links.
  • The learner support mechanisms of the course will be facilitated by flexible learning tutors who are faculty members of SEAMEO INNOTECH and its partner higher education institutions.

    How will learners enroll?

    Enrollment consists of registration and payment of course fees. Learners can come to SEAMEO INNOTECH to register and pay the course fees. Another option is to receive the registration form by fax or email and for learners to send the form back through fax. In this case, payment can be deposited to the SEAMEO INNOTECH account.

    A face-to-face orientation will be scheduled to give learners an overview of the course and an opportunity to make clarifications prior to the start of the course.

    How should learners go about the course?

    After receiving the learning package, learners can immediately study at their own pace and time. Learners should be able to manage their time such that they will finish one module in two weeks and two modules in four weeks. During this period, apart from studying the print modules, learners should check on the iFLEX for discussion forums. Learners should participate in the discussion forums and interact with fellow learners and their tutor.

    There is built-in feedback for most of the module activities. However, the final course requirements (module assignments, reflection paper, action plan) should be submitted to the tutor for evaluation, using iFLEX.

    What will the learners get after completing the course?

    Certificate of completion from SEAMEO INNOTECH will be awarded to learners through an awarding ceremony. Learners will likewise be provided academic credits from SEAMEO INNOTECH partner Teacher Training Institutions. This is apart from regular privileges alloted for SEAMEO INNOTECH course completers.

    Who are the ICeXCELS learners?

    flsThe target learners are elementary and secondary school heads, emerging principals, district supervisors, directors/directress, assistant or vice principals, coordinators, OICs, or any school person with line management authority or supervisory role.

    What learning support services are available for learners?

    imageA SEAMEO INNOTECH faculty member will be assigned to each group of learners. The SEAMEO INNOTECH faculty is composed of education leaders and experts with extensive experience in developing and implementing educational innovations for Southeast Asia. The Center Director of SEAMEO INNOTECH, Dr. Erlinda C. Pefianco, heads the pool of tutors. Apart from SEAMEO INNOTECH experts, faculty from higher education institution, assistant tutors and support staff from teacher training institutions in other countries are also available to share their experience.


    Flexible Learning Management System
    imageThe INNOTECH Flexible Learning Management System (iFLEX) has been created for the eXCELS short courses. This can be accessed through the INNOTECH website In the iFLEX, learners can view course announcements and communicate with their tutors and other learners through the messaging and forum features of the system.

    What are the requirements for completion of the course?

    The learner should complete the module activities for the two modules and submit/participate in the following:

  • orientations and discussions
  • two module assignments (one for each module);
  • a reflection paper;
  • an Action Plan;
  • pre and post-course self-rating competency checklists;
  • and revalida
  • These will comprise the learner's Learning Portfolio. The tutors will then evaluate, give feedback, and rate the learner based on their learning portfolio submissions.

    Course requirements should be submitted in iFLEX.

    How will the learners be rated?

    The learners will be given a written feedback in the form of qualitative narratives by their respective tutors for their learning outputs. The learners will also receive a rating for each major requirement and for their participation in discussion groups. These ratings (signified by a letter grade) will be issued by the tutor according to three performance levels: Excellent (A), Pass (B) and Deficient (C). In the iFLEX, A=3, B=2, and C=1.

    What is the time frame for completing the course?

    It is anticipated that the learner will be able to finish the course in 50++ hours. This includes self-study of the modules, participation in online discussions, and preparation and submission of module activities and assignments, which are part of the learning portfolio.

    Learners will be given a maximum of two (2) weeks to complete one module. Since there are two modules, learners should be able to finish the course in four (4) weeks. Approximately two (2) weeks after the completion of the course, the individual rating of learners will be released. The course begins with a learners' orientation where the learning packages will be distributed.